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Video game journalism desperately fighting for relevance

It seems the penny has dropped for video game journalism who also now seem to be fighting to stay relevant like their mainstream counterparts. We have already seen the mainstream media lashing out at popular YouTubers like PewDiePie and JonTron … Continue reading

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The Meaning of Irony: Male feminist YouTuber kills girlfriend

For the record, what has happened is terrible and I am in no way making fun of what as happened or the situation, but you have to see the irony in all of this Aleksandr Kolpakov being a pro-feminist and advocating for … Continue reading

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The only Mass Effect: Andromeda review you need to watch!

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The JonTron media witch-hunt

Where have we seen the same level of witch-hunting targeting a popular YouTuber? Oh yes, PewDiePie had the same thing happening to him, almost exactly the same fashion as with JonTron. And like PewDiePie, this was not JonTron’s first run in with the … Continue reading

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Gizmodo: “YouTubers find anti-semitic hill to die on”

Do these journalists ever learn? They keep on slandering and throwing insults at the subjects of their articles, they keep on throwing baseless accusations of anti-semitism at them. Have they not learned anything from the past month with PewDiePie and The Wall … Continue reading

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