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Video Games and Cultural Appropriation

Every time someone mentions Cultural Appropriation when it comes to Video Games, I roll my eyes so hard that they might just roll right out of my skull. Haven’t these people heard of multicultural societies? Someone’s culture is not owned … Continue reading

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Tavis Smiley blames Chicago kidnapping on video games

Holy shit, can’t these journalists ever stop pushing their agenda’s for even just a few minutes? What an unbelievable piece of shit, trying to downplay what these four kids did torturing a mentally handicapped guy and trying to lay the blame … Continue reading

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“Tracer is lesbian! Take that you woman hating gamers!”

As if there isn’t a massive amount of Rule34 Overwatch porn (Warning: Definitely not safe for work content!) be it gay/straight/lesbian already on the internet that is being wanked too by thousands or even maybe millions of gamers across the world … Continue reading

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The art of NikiVaszi: “Happy Autumn” Witcher 3

So I discovered the amazing piece art by NikiVaszi while browsing Pinterest. As one of the best RPG games and one of my favorite franchises of all time, this piece of art stirs up so many emotions for me thinking … Continue reading

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Video game morals Versus Real world morals

So the new HBO series West World based on the cult classic Sci-Fi movie has been released to rave reviews, on of course there are already discussions regarding the sex and nudity in the show. From the usual suspects, of course, those … Continue reading

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