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Yes games journalism was better a decade ago

Yes, Josh, this might come as a shocker but video game journalism was better a decade ago. Back then games journalism was fun, about games and jokes and community, instead of this sex-negative, anti-gamer, hand-wringing, moral police you all claim … Continue reading

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The sad indictment of video game journalism

Video game journalism is dead, the whole “games need to be easier and more accessible” and gamers are “elitist” and “toxic” for wanting games to be challenging. The whole argument from games journalists comes off as a facade for what really motives … Continue reading

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I can only imagine….

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E3’s open door policy the death for game journalism

So the recent announcement by E3 that they are opening their doors the video game public has gotten the so-called video game journalistic industry and the social justice warriors up in arms. I wonder why? Could it be that they are realizing … Continue reading

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