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GOG apologizes to internet wackadoodles for a single Tweet

GOG made a joke about a hashtag that some highly delusional Americans were using because in their little fantasy land of rainbow pooping unicorns they thought a new health care bill was going to eliminate all trans people from America … Continue reading

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Just a quick note on Suitably Bored’s Twitter account

Well seems I was suspended from Twitter for no good reason a week ago, I tried appealing their decision and asked Twitter what Tweet was responsible for suspending my account. And as you can imagine they haven’t been very forthcoming … Continue reading

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Teabagging: Man’s “shocking” video game rampage!

I fuck you not, this is an actual article and headline and no April fools was 9 days ago: This is the quality of video game journalism we have come to expect in 2018, it has gone from bad to worse … Continue reading

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It almost feels like we are back in the 90’s again…

Let me get this off my chest first: A keyboard & mouse or a console controller is in no fucken way an accurate simulator for shooting guns in real life. Most of your average gamers would not even know how … Continue reading

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The curious case of August Ames and her bullies

Jesus fucken Christ, this is just saddening and makes my blood boil! So much for love and tolerance right? August Ames doesn’t want to have sex with me her body her vagina, but let’s force her anyway. You know what … Continue reading

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Are traps gay? And floundering YouTube celebrities…

What year is this? Boogie forgot humans had a spine when bullied by Anita Sarkeesian at Vidcon 2017. Maybe he can cosplay as a doormat at next years Vidcon? Just a thought… Angry Joe closes all comments on his YouTube … Continue reading

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