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When a meme triggers your snowflake sensibilities

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“Pull a Takei” is now an internet term, what a time to be alive!

Got to love these clueless actors and musicians, they keep opening their mouths only to have to put their foot in it the moment they are proven wrong. And yet they keep on spewing their self-important views on social media, thinking … Continue reading

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When celebrities start screaming for revolution

Remember how I talked about celebrities thinking they know better than us? And how they think that people actually care about their opinions? Well seems they are at it again, seems they are incapable of accepting defeating and moving on … Continue reading

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When did JK Rowling turn into Draco Malfoy?

Question? When did JK Rowling turn into Draco Malfoy? I thoroughly enjoyed the Harry Potter books and movies, but I am slowly losing respect for her as a person and a writer. She went from a respected writer to another rich … Continue reading

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Sorry Paul, but I call bullshit!

It has been awhile since we heard from Paul Feig about the terrible Ghostbusters reboot, glad to see he is still trying to pass the buck. How can I put it in simple terms you might understand. Your film sucked … Continue reading

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