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Witcher TV series brings magic and feminism to fantasy

So basically a version of the Witcher that emphasizes feminism and de-emphasizes Geralt? You know the character the entire franchise revolves around, and I am pretty sure this will sit extremely well with the fanbase as it has with me. … Continue reading

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The Netflix Witcher trailer is a rather unimpressive…

Before I start the dissecting the Netflix Witcher trailer, the usual crotch goblins in the peanut gallery will scream: “But it is only a trailer, you cannot judge a show based on just a trailer.” No fuck you, you can … Continue reading

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Apparently actors cannot pretend to be other people now…

Firstly let me get this off my chest, I am so “proud” of everyone whose social media activism helped make this happen. Thanks to all of you of bitched and complained about Scarlett Johansson portraying a trans man. Thanks to you millions of people will … Continue reading

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