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James Bond should be transgender now…

Well….a truly “woke” Bond would be a disabled, vegan who is struggling with mental illness and identifies as being black using the pronouns she/she/ze. He also drives an electric car because pollution is just a part of capitalists’ fascist regime to … Continue reading

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When you get your history lessons from a Disney movie

I have seen this image floating around social media the last couple of days, so I decided to clarify a few things the creator of this might have missed. For starters, Mulan is a story based on a ballad of Hua … Continue reading

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Regarding Trump’s tweeted transgender ban…

With all the Trump Derangement Syndrome happening especially surrounding his recent announcement of banning transgender people from serving in the military, I thought that I would throw in my opinion on the subject as well. I am of the opinion … Continue reading

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Diversity at the expense of creativity in video games

So we have come full circle it seems, I am not one to find joy in the misfortune of others. But Bioware had this coming, this is what happens when you try and pander to the so-called Social Justice Warriors … Continue reading

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Transgender girl on the cover of National Geographic (2017)

Just for the record, I have no issue with the cover itself or the person on said cover. What I do take issue with are parents that have their kids go through these “transgender changes” when they aren’t even 10 … Continue reading

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Beamdog Studio’s and the Baldur’s Gate controversy

The biggest question throughout this entire debacle for me is, why did the writers at Beamdog Studio’s feel the need for Minsc and Boo to make a Gamergate reference?  I just don’t think games should be dragging a character into a place … Continue reading

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