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Fruzsina Eordogh & Forbes hit piece on TotalBiscuit

Before I start a big shout out to Forbs and the writer Fruzsina Eordogh who wrote this trash. Actually calling this article trash would be overshooting it. Trash was at least useful at some point in it’s existence, the entire article … Continue reading

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Rest in peace Totalbiscuit

I have had my disagreement with John in the past and he has me blocked on Twitter. And yet it still saddens me to hear of his passing, and I would not wish what he went through on my worst enemy. Having … Continue reading

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Are traps gay? And floundering YouTube celebrities…

What year is this? Boogie forgot humans had a spine when bullied by Anita Sarkeesian at Vidcon 2017. Maybe he can cosplay as a doormat at next years Vidcon? Just a thought… Angry Joe closes all comments on his YouTube … Continue reading

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