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Daily Telegraph’s garbage video game article

When I read garbage article like this it makes my blood boil, but when they outright misrepresent and lie to push a narrative it pisses me right the fuck off: And then you add unnecessary censoring to make it look worse, … Continue reading

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Why video game movies inevitably always fail

So with the Assasins Creed movie being released in the next couple of weeks and people inevitably hyping it up and inevitably being disappointed at the end product, I decided to take a look at why we have never seen … Continue reading

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Not everything can be blamed on the SJW

I was actually ready to rant about the social justice warriors bitching about a Cammy cosplay, but then I noticed something. “Queen Riot” was absolutely trying to give a rally cry to anybody who will throw her a sympathy bone. She seemed to have exaggerated the truth … Continue reading

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I watched Anita Sarkeesian latest video so you don’t have to

So Anita Sarkeesian has released another Tropes vs Women in Video Games video which you can watch here. And of course the comments likes and dislikes have been disabled, so that no one can really offer rebuttal to what she states … Continue reading

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I Am Street Fighter

Got 1 hour and 12 minutes to spare? Are you a fan of Street Fighter? Then you must watch Capcom’s documentary about one of the most revered fighting game in the history of gaming. I would have been better if they spent … Continue reading

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