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Disney and Marvels corporate necrophilia

Ah, good old Disney and Marvel! Nothing like using a dead man’s Twitter account so you can sell and advertise your product to social media users. Just so you can make a few extra dollars off his legacy and infamy, … Continue reading

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Bill Maher shits on Stan Lee’s legacy and his fans

Bill Maher is an utter and complete twat waffle, and that it’s pretty disgusting of Maher to use Stan Lee’s death as some sort of punchline. Having said that I have never thought I would have people arguing about the literary … Continue reading

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Stan Lee’s death and dancing on someone’s grave…

Since the proliferation of social media, we’re no longer allowed to mourn the loss of entertainment icons like Stan Lee, instead when an icon like he does there a select few people on social media who right after a person’s … Continue reading

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