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Just a quick note on Suitably Bored’s Twitter account

Well seems I was suspended from Twitter for no good reason a week ago, I tried appealing their decision and asked Twitter what Tweet was responsible for suspending my account. And as you can imagine they haven’t been very forthcoming … Continue reading

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“Pull a Takei” is now an internet term, what a time to be alive!

Got to love these clueless actors and musicians, they keep opening their mouths only to have to put their foot in it the moment they are proven wrong. And yet they keep on spewing their self-important views on social media, thinking … Continue reading

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When did JK Rowling turn into Draco Malfoy?

Question? When did JK Rowling turn into Draco Malfoy? I thoroughly enjoyed the Harry Potter books and movies, but I am slowly losing respect for her as a person and a writer. She went from a respected writer to another rich … Continue reading

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Share and type “Amen” Umm . . .no thanks!

I have several friends on Facebook who flood my Facebook news feed on a daily bases with variations of posts like: “If you believe in God” and “If you believe God is good” or “If you’re not ashamed of Jesus” type “Amen”. Sometimes they come with the good old chain … Continue reading

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Dear Miss X

You got to love Facebook, it has to habit of always attracting the lowest common denominator to comment on current or world events. Be it racists, homophobes or people who are just downright ignorant. So you would ask why are … Continue reading

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Isn’t that the truth…

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