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Battlefield V: Poltical correctness and historical revisionism

Remember those Battlefield V adverts that said forget everything you knew about history? Well, Electronic Arts and Dice weren’t wrong when they said that, so sit down boys and girls and let me tell you a little World War II … Continue reading

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Melissa McCarthy still ignorant about Ghostbusters reboot

Attacking your audience and the people you would want to draw to the theatres has never backfired before, nope, never! I can’t tell if Melissa McCarthy is really as stupid as the characters she portrays in her not funny comedies, people … Continue reading

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GOG apologizes to internet wackadoodles for a single Tweet

GOG made a joke about a hashtag that some highly delusional Americans were using because in their little fantasy land of rainbow pooping unicorns they thought a new health care bill was going to eliminate all trans people from America … Continue reading

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Am I the only one loving the new “NPC” meme?

The new NPC meme is pretty hilarious, especially how it attempts to explain why Social Justice Warriors all think and act in such a robotic manner. For those none gamers out there NPC stands for “non-player character”, which in video game … Continue reading

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Wearing a dress = Racism & Cultural Appropriation

So yesterday evening I enjoyed a rather big platter of sushi made at our local Chinese takeaways. Which is kind of ironic if you think about it buying a traditional Japanese dish from a Chinese takeaway, in the Southern tip of Africa … Continue reading

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Marvel’s current position is entirely of their own doing…

This is in no way my own words, but they belong to a chap named Nick Rowe on Twitter. Where he posted a rather eye-opening Twitter thread on the state of Marvel comics. You can view the original posts here.   … Continue reading

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