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Marvel’s current position is entirely of their own doing…

This is in no way my own words, but they belong to a chap named Nick Rowe on Twitter. Where he posted a rather eye-opening Twitter thread on the state of Marvel comics. You can view the original posts here.   … Continue reading

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White Nerds: You need to learn cinematic empathy

Can someone please explain this to me? Personally, I really don’t give a fuck what race or gender a character is in a video game, movie or television show is. I cannot remember a single instance that has ever made … Continue reading

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Kimonos and faux cultural appropriation outrage

I was figuring on writing something video game related this morning, but then this article popped up in my news feed for some reason. And as you might have guessed, according to the Social Justice Warrior crowd wearing a kimono is cultural … Continue reading

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The state of modern comics in a nutshell…

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Frank Cho continues to poke fun at the SJW crowd

You just got to love Frank Cho!  He has done a bunch of similar covers for comic book characters, this would the first one he did for a video game character. And in the process completely pissing off those Social Justice Warriors, … Continue reading

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