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RPS senior editor’s hot take on Dark Souls

Imagine when you are a senior editor at Rock, Paper Shotgun a video game publication and your actual job is writing about and playing video games for a living and this is your take on Dark Souls and difficulty levels in … Continue reading

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The sad indictment of video game journalism

Video game journalism is dead, the whole “games need to be easier and more accessible” and gamers are “elitist” and “toxic” for wanting games to be challenging. The whole argument from games journalists comes off as a facade for what really motives … Continue reading

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Apparently gameplay is not a gaming term anymore…

The word “gameplay” is pretty much already defined by the word itself: So it really blows my mind when a senior editor at Rock Paper Shotgun an online video game publication spouts garbage like this:

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No skill based video games don’t need to cater to everyone

This seems to be a recurring theme being punted by video game journalists, the very same people who had trouble playing a tutorial level of a video game and want games to be made easier. And then going as far … Continue reading

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Git Gud you skrub casual video game journalists

Let me educate the gaming media on what “git gud” means. It means practicing and getting better so that you can shut people up who question your abilities in a video game instead of thinking you can just pick up a control and just start … Continue reading

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