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Detroit: Become Human [Review]

Before I start the review I want to say a few things for the record before I start the review as there seems to be plenty of hate for David Cage and his story writing abilities, which seems to have … Continue reading

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Bright: Modern day version of LOTR

So if you had to ask me what exactly Bright is, then I would say imagine Lord of The Rings, Elves, Orc’s, Fairies and Centaur’s. Now add a buddy cop movie like Lethal Weapon and mix in shootouts, car crashes and … Continue reading

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The Punisher [Review] – No Spoilers –

[Pre-Review Note:] Before I start the review, unlike most online review site and publications I am not going to politicize this review, I am not going to turn this review into pro-gun or anti-gun propaganda. I am not going to turn it … Continue reading

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