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How society treats female sexual predators differently

Firstly let me fix that headline for you. The term you’re looking for is “raped,” not “had sex with.” Some of those students were as young as 13 & 14 years old for fuck sake!  A middle schooler, boy or girl, is … Continue reading

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How society treats male/female sexual predators differently

Am I the only noticing the difference between a male and female sex offender being caught and the media reporting on it and the subsequent comments from the average Joe on the street? Example below:

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Patricia Hernandez and the Kotaku article

I am so tired of gaming websites trying to fly the “social justice warriors” flag for the internet and us gamers, and telling us that our hobby is a bad influence and reflection on society. People like Patricia Hernandez and Anita Sarkeesian would lead us … Continue reading

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