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The pseudoscience of sexist video gamers in gaming

So another pseudoscience article was released this week stating that people playing video games were more sexist. Firstly, fuck you! And no video games do not cause sexism, just like they don’t cause violence. You would swear these issues weren’t … Continue reading

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Why gamers should take issue with games like ME: Andromeda

I have a serious question for my regular readers? Why has it suddenly become okay for developers to release unfinished, unpolished broken games? And when has it become acceptable¬†for a portion of the gaming community to defend these bad business¬†practices?Now … Continue reading

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Video Games and Cultural Appropriation

Every time someone mentions Cultural Appropriation when it comes to Video Games, I roll my eyes so hard that they might just roll right out of my skull. Haven’t these people heard of multicultural societies? Someone’s culture is not owned … Continue reading

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Touchy Subject: Mass Effect Andromeda

Touchy subject time folks! As many of my regular readers know, after the debacle that was the Mass Effect 3 ending and the day one DLC outrage. Which I wrote about here. Not to mention the terrible hamfisted pick your … Continue reading

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When a meme triggers your snowflake sensibilities

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