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Narcissism and Identity Politics in popular media

Honest question: What type of, self-absorbed human being is it that watches a movie, reads a book, or plays a game and thinks “wait, where am I in this story?” Narcissists that’s who. Am I the only one who views it … Continue reading

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Feminist grifters and the victims they leave behind

Don’t you just love a bit of irony so early into the week? I know I do! Remember Carolyn Petit the trans ex employee that worked with Anita Sarkeesian on Tropes vs. Women in Video Games series on YouTube: Well … Continue reading

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Dear whiny video game journalists:

Dear whiny journalists: Not every single game has to cater to every gender, race, sexual orientation, religion or political view. If a developer so decides they can decide to create whatever they want for whatever reason. That is entirely their … Continue reading

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#NewGuy: Fighting sociopathy and narcissism on social media

For those living under a rock PewDiePie’s wife (Marzia) had a bunch of her personal items stolen from their house in Japan. Irreplaceable objects that were memories of her friends and family. And of course as you would expect all the people … Continue reading

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