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Crunchyroll’s “original” and “diverse” anime looks terrible…

Crunchyroll has announced that they’ll be making original “western Anime” I wonder how it is going to loo…Oh. Never mind: Dear god, all I can say is don’t let this represent Western Animation PLEASE! “Our characters are diverse.” Means they are the … Continue reading

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Apparently Detroit Become Human treats woman badly

You want inclusion and diversity in video games? You want to be treated like all the male video characters in a game? Well shit, welcome to the club! People always talk about straight white male “privilege” and yet when we have … Continue reading

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Welcome to video game journalism in 2017…

Remember how the mainstream media and video game journalists likened gamers like us to children whenever we complained about being fucked over by the video game industry? I do, so it comes as no real surprise when a professional video … Continue reading

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