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PUBG gets a perfect 10 from Polygon

Okay let me get this out of my system first: I don’t see how Polygon can in good faith give a game like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds a perfect score of 10 in good faith. Sure its a great and fun game but 10/10 … Continue reading

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Perfect image explaining Kotaku/Polygon’s journalism

They shift towards clickbait tabloid media style articles that Kotaku and Polygon are now writing, is sure to set bridges on fire and most certainly will attract a big crowd to watch those bridges burn. The problem comes years down the road … Continue reading

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Penny Arcade mocks Polygon

When you become the ass end of a joke for a webcomic then you know you have reached a level of integrity in your reporting that can only be matched by the garbage you post on a daily basis.  The fuckin’ replies … Continue reading

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Polygon is upset about TLOU2’s violence…

“Hey guys Polygon here, just moralizing to our audience and gamers and telling them how they should feel about the games they are playing and the industry.” I literally wrote about this yesterday, didn’t I? Clearly, the writer of this article Julia Alexander simply … Continue reading

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The sad indictment of video game journalism

Video game journalism is dead, the whole “games need to be easier and more accessible” and gamers are “elitist” and “toxic” for wanting games to be challenging. The whole argument from games journalists comes off as a facade for what really motives … Continue reading

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