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Another slow video game news day over at Polygon…

Must be another slow news day over at Polygon, so instead of posting nothing at all and calling it a day they go rummaging through the trash and dig out their “best” clickbait writer and tell him write up an … Continue reading

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Not everything has to have pollical undertones

As a South African and nerd, I really don’t get the Trump derangement syndrome that is currently running rampant in America and in other places in the world. Never mind that everything under the sun now needs to contain political … Continue reading

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I will rather have a delayed video game than an unpolished one

Man Polygon are on a roll when it comes too stupid articles, here is a small tip for ya Polygon and Owen S. Good. You cannot post dozens of articles claiming to be upset about 100 hour work weeks and also upset … Continue reading

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Polygon: Call of Duty isn’t a game about war…

This is probably up there as one of the dumbest articles I have seen on Polygon and that is says a lot:

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Apparently Tomb Raider’s death sequences are outdated…

You know what is outdated to me as a gamer? Video game journalists and people being overly sensitive about gratuitous violence in media and video games. The way Lara dies in the game is perfectly realistic given the situations she … Continue reading

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Games Journalism, by Polygon…

“Violence makes me feel queasy” I.fuck.you.not! “Games too sexist”, “Games too violent” and my personal favorite: “Games too hard”. Am I the only one seeing a pattern here? These people seriously need to find themselves another job because clearly, they aren’t happy … Continue reading

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