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Polygon seems to have a Coprophilia fetish

Polygon is a fucking embarrassment at this point, These articles are full of shit anyway, so they may as well-capitalized on their only real field of expertise and make it the entire subject. Imagine your gaming website has gone so … Continue reading

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Polygon’s best games of decade as bad as you would expect

If you are wondering how seriously one should take a Polygon article about the top 100 video games of the past decade or take seriously in general wonder no further: The “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood” mobile app was ranked higher than … Continue reading

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Another slow video game news day over at Polygon…

Must be another slow news day over at Polygon, so instead of posting nothing at all and calling it a day they go rummaging through the trash and dig out their “best” clickbait writer and tell him write up an … Continue reading

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Not everything has to have pollical undertones

As a South African and nerd, I really don’t get the Trump derangement syndrome that is currently running rampant in America and in other places in the world. Never mind that everything under the sun now needs to contain political … Continue reading

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