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Not wanting to drag politics into videogames is bad…

Videogame journalists literally made a career in the last decade of talking down to gamers like myself for “taking video games too seriously” And now all of a sudden you want to be taken seriously when everyone mocks you? “How dare … Continue reading

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Welcome to #GamerGate Elon Musk

Remember that article I wrote about Elon Musk making all those dishonest journalists uncomfortable with the mention of him launching a website that would rate their ethics and honest? Well seems the corrupt journalistic machine is now in full swing … Continue reading

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Elon Musk gets under journalists skin

[Editorial Note:] I am going to go off on a tangent with the article so please bear with me as I think it fits in nicely with the point I am going to try and make while writing this. So I … Continue reading

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The Nazi pug and the day free speech died in the UK

Before I get started let’s do a quick flashback for those who don’t know about “Count Dankula” aka Markus Meechan. He made a video of his girlfriend’s dog named “Buddha”   doing in what he describes is the worst thing in the … Continue reading

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Who will stand up for gamers and video games?

I have been wondering about this ever since the Florida shooting took place. And the mass hysteria that is now being generated by the media regarding violent video games. And I think it is a rather serious question that needs … Continue reading

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When you need to lie to misrepresent the truth

Don’t you just love it when people have to lie and misrepresent the truth so that they can further their own political narrative, and when called out fo said misrepresentation they vanish: Don’t let people like Jonathan D. Woods fool you … Continue reading

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