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Well fuck you Sean Vanaman and fuck you Campo Santo

Remember when I said that this will set a dangerous precedent? Well, it has now happened, Campo Santo’s Sean Vanaman has DMCA’d PewDiePie’s video of him playing Firewatch: Despite the video being more than 2 years old and not breaking … Continue reading

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PewDiePie and the “N” word double standard

Another day another moral outrage, mostly by those people internet who have nothing better to do with their time but moral grand stand on Twitter and other social media platforms. Today’s moral outrage? PewDiePie using the “N” word during a … Continue reading

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Slate: Stop Equating Science with Truth

What the actual fuck did I just read?! Science consists of three critical steps: Observe, Hypothesis, and Test. And even then sometimes science gets it wrong, but science is always self-correcting. Science allows us to try to find facts and workable … Continue reading

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Regarding Trump’s tweeted transgender ban…

With all the Trump Derangement Syndrome happening especially surrounding his recent announcement of banning transgender people from serving in the military, I thought that I would throw in my opinion on the subject as well. I am of the opinion … Continue reading

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When celebrating identities is more important than story

Am I the only one that is noticing that the entertainment industry these days is more about celebrating identity instead of talent when it comes to actors. And I have also noticed that when talking about the changes to the … Continue reading

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