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Polygon forgets how to Tomb Raider

So in addition to not needing to be any good at playing games when reviewing said video games, these so-called video game journalists also don’t need to be good at reporting and writing about video game related news: Hey, Julia … Continue reading

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Valkyria Chronicles Remastered [Review]

Back in my day as a Xbox 360 and Wii owner, I used to pretty much play every Role-playing game that was released on those two platforms. So when the original Valkyria Chronicles was released on the Playstation 3 back … Continue reading

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Evolution of Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo game controllers

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“Lizard Squad” bites the dust

Seems another hacker group (“The Finest”) took it upon themselves to remove “The Lizard Squad” from the internet and stop their recent hacking sprees of both Sony and Microsoft. Seems they grew tired of the antics of their fellow hackers and … Continue reading

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