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#NewGuy: Fighting sociopathy and narcissism on social media

For those living under a rock PewDiePie’s wife (Marzia) had a bunch of her personal items stolen from their house in Japan. Irreplaceable objects that were memories of her friends and family. And of course as you would expect all the people … Continue reading

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Mosque shooting in New Zealand must be PewDiePie!

Jesus fuckin Christ it always happens like clockwork, somewhere in the world a guy shoots up a school or in this case Mosque in New Zealand, and the first thing the media and the mindless sheep who consume the news … Continue reading

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PewDiePie Vs Mainstream media and their fabricated lies

Without sounding too much like a tinfoil loving conspiracy theorist, it does seem like the recent attacks on PewDiePie his person and career by the media seems extremely coordinated especially by the media and social media celebrities. And this wasn’t … Continue reading

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Polygon: PewDiePie the reason why people don’t play online

This is the most absurd logic and article I have read this week, and trust me there was plenty being said this week. Shame on you Mike for your defeatist attitude, and shame on every person like you who takes … Continue reading

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