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Curse those toxic gamers! Making me build this PC wrong…

The guy from Verge who totally did not fuck-up a tutorial on how not to build a PC for $2000 took to Twitter after the backlash and you can only imagine how it went down: The guy is blaming his … Continue reading

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Kotaku tries to build a PC with predictable results…

So Jason Schreier from Kotaku tried to build his own PC with rather predictable results, the entire article you can find here. But Jesus Christ on a jet ski was it a hard read! And much like the articles, he writes he … Continue reading

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Life is Strange: Before the Storm Episode 1 Review – A Hella Good Time (so far)

Ahhhh Life is Strange: you were sorely missed, my friend! I remember my first time entering Arcadia Bay like it was just the other day and now returning back to it (albeit a few years before the original game) made me … Continue reading

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GTA V running on PC!

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