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Patrick Klepek has a few skeletons in his closet…

Patrick Klepek continuing to be the scum of the video game journalism industry, even after leaving Kotaku and joining Vice should not really surprise anyone at this point anymore. I can’t believe somebody like Patrick who is so blatantly and intellectually dishonest can still find … Continue reading

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Shocker! Game about hell is disturbing…

How bigoted of developers not represent every gender in the alphabet soup spectrum as a demon! Just imagine my shock that a game’s main setting is basically hell isn’t a pleasant experience for everyone involved. I mean the game is … Continue reading

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Dressing up fake death threats as the truth

I really don’t get why some people like Patrick Klepek and the rest of the industry decided to become video game journalists. You don’t seem to like video games at all, neither do you like your audience. You even use … Continue reading

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Patrick Klepek jumping the sinking ship

I can’t believe somebody so blatantly intellectually dishonest can still find work in a industry that no longer is valid to most gamer’s like myself. As far as journalistic ethics go, Klepek is just as morally dishonest and corrupt as the rest … Continue reading

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Sloppy, biased video games reporting

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Ever wonder what intellectual and moral dishonesty looks like?

Am I the only one finding the irony kind of funny? Gamergate didn’t get her fired nor was it her rather disturbing pro support for paedophilia. Turns out she got fired because she had a second job (Moonlighting) by posing for risqué photos. You know because that … Continue reading

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