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The lies some publishers and developers tell us…

Remember when the shit hit the fan with Electronic Arts decided to push the limits of microtransactions? And how many publishers, developers and gaming press and even some gamers came out to say that microtransactions are now a necessary evil? … Continue reading

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Passion Versus Greed

The difference in facial animations and general polish and quality between Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice and  Mass Effect Andromeda is like night and day. Pretty shocking considering the size difference between both companies and the publishers funding them. Guess which game is fueled by passion … Continue reading

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Hellblade: Life, death, and descending into hell [Review]

When it comes to the topic of psychosis and mental illness in video games, it is usually used as a justification for a villain’s world-destroying plans or used as a plot device to explain a world gone mad. Rarely if at … Continue reading

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How Devil May Cry fans destroy a brand out of spite [Update]

A few weeks ago I posted how “some” Devil May Cry fans destroyed the franchise out of pure spite and pure self entitlement. But it seemed that the way I was trying to convey my point did not come across properly … Continue reading

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