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Kotaku has a revelation that Nazi’s were bad people…

WOW, thanks Kotaku! You mean to tell me the Nazis were the bad guys? I would never have guessed. What type of mental gymnastics is Kotaku and Luke Plunkett attempting? Kotaku: “Why aren’t the Nazi’s mustache-twirling villains that talk about … Continue reading

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Welcome to 2017 where a haircut makes you a racist Nazi

What a fucken time to be alive, having a certain haircut now makes you a racist Nazi sympathizer. I fucken swear you cannot make this shit up! Pro-tip: Hair cut like skin color doesn’t tell you anything about the person, ignorance breeds racism and bigotry. … Continue reading

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Call Of Duty: Politically Correct Wehrmacht

I cannot believe I went from defending COD: WWII to now throwing it under the fucken bus due to Michael Condrey and Sledgehammer games garbage attitude to their fans and their handling of historical events surrounding WWII. Yes, you will now be able … Continue reading

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Next time you call someone a Neo-Nazi or a Fascist

Next time you call someone a Neo-Nazi or a fascist for not agreeing with your political view and or opinions during a discussion alway remember what real Fascism and Nazism looks like. To equate someone who disagrees with your viewpoint … Continue reading

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