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Call Of Duty: Politically Correct Wehrmacht

I cannot believe I went from defending COD: WWII to now throwing it under the fucken bus due to Michael Condrey and Sledgehammer games garbage attitude to their fans and their handling of historical events surrounding WWII. Yes, you will now be able … Continue reading

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Gizmodo: “Smash Mouth retweeted Nazi Anime porn”

Wow, what a stupid clickbaity title. Definitely not anime (not Japanese not animated, semi-stylized like in Anime & Manga), Shadman is a porn artist you fucken idiot. Which Gizmodo would have noticed if they did 5 minutes of research. And … Continue reading

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Punching Nazi’s: We have come full circle now

Remember when everyone cheered when supposed Nazi Richard B. Spencer was punched in the face during an interview? Everyone cheered and everyone justified it with their mental gymnastics. Well, surprise surprise the people being called Nazi’s are now punching back at … Continue reading

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Magneto now a agenda of Hydra, seriously Marvel?!

Magneto has been portrayed as a Jewish survivor of the Nazi concentration camps of World War II since the character’s inception in 1963. So after 54 years of this being the cornerstone for Magneto’s motivation in wanting to destroy humanity … Continue reading

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Nazi Punching: As fascist as it gets

Seems the mass media and the Social Justice Warriors have moved on from using those well-worn pejorative terms like ‘Racist’, ‘Sexist’, Homophobe’, Transphobe’, and, ‘Islamaphobe’, to using ‘Nazi’, and, ‘Fascist’. Because the above terms have been basically ‘used up’ and … Continue reading

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