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Lando Calrissian from Star Wars is now Pansexual…

You know honestly, I would not be bothered if Lando Calrissian was pansexual in the new Hans Solo movie. But personal myself and a lot of people across the board are growing tired of the unsubstantial retcons and token gestures to … Continue reading

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This week in stupid…

Sorry, Sargon of Akkad I am stealing your title for the weekly videos you do on your YouTube channel hope you don’t mind. I will try and make this a weekly thing on Suitably Bored, this will cover all those things … Continue reading

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Apparently Scarlet Witch’s costume is to revealing…

If you asked me to describe Scarlet Witch’s costume in the Avengers movies, its red would have probably been my first answer. When the article mentioned her cleavage I thought “oh, she had cleavage?” I honestly never noticed her cleavage … Continue reading

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So I guess the new DOOM movie is DOOMED? 

Oh and just like that, the new DOOM movie has become worse than the first Doom Movie and it is not even released yet. Good strategy though, if and when the movie flops and it will, they can blame it all … Continue reading

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2018: Where you can be offended on someone else’s behalf

Hey, boys and girls, it is time for another episode of stupid shit being written on the internet. Today’s winner is Philip from a website called yomyomf who does not care if you are Black, Brown or Asian and that you don’t … Continue reading

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