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Monster Hunter movie: Out of season April´s fools joke?

Remember that Monster Hunter movie, based off the extremely popular video game franchise? The one that they announced back in 2016?  The one being directed and written by Paul W.S. Anderson, the same person responsible for the Resident Evil movies. Well  Milla … Continue reading

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Melissa McCarthy still ignorant about Ghostbusters reboot

Attacking your audience and the people you would want to draw to the theatres has never backfired before, nope, never! I can’t tell if Melissa McCarthy is really as stupid as the characters she portrays in her not funny comedies, people … Continue reading

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Sunday Times shocking article on Comic Con Africa

You know what I am used to the already bad standards of reporting when it comes to international publications when it comes to video games and geek culture publications like Polygon and Kotaku has set the bar pretty low, with … Continue reading

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Fake progressivism having woke firsts, real or imagined

When clickbait journalism falls over themselves to write about  non-existent “backlash”, making claims that Captain Marvel is  the “first” female leads in a superhero movie: But wait what about Jennifer Garner and Electra? Wasn’t she Marvel first ever solo female lead in … Continue reading

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Captain Marvel trailer was rather bland…

Wow… Marvel released a trailer that left me feeling underwhelmed… that’s never happened to me before. Marvel has always had good solid trailers to get you hyped for their movies, but Captain Marvel has to be the blandest trailer I … Continue reading

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Oh boy here we go again…

Remember the outrage when Scarlett Johansson was cast as a trans person? And the outrage mob that chased her from acting in the movie? I do. Well, it looks like the perpetual outrage crowd is at it again. This time they … Continue reading

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