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Tomb Raider Movie: Well this isn’t a great start…

Well Hollywood that certainly isn’t a great start for another movie based off a video game franchise, you would think with their multi-million dollar budget they would at least do a proper job when photoshopping the poster for the new Tomb … Continue reading

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Hollywood blames Rotten Tomatoes for their bad movies

Hollywood has become a stagnant puddle of ideas the last 15 years, as evident by them constantly scraping the bottom of the barrel and bringing back beloved cult classic franchises from the archives of the dead. This is now clearly showing when … Continue reading

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When you get your history lessons from a Disney movie

I have seen this image floating around social media the last couple of days, so I decided to clarify a few things the creator of this might have missed. For starters, Mulan is a story based on a ballad of Hua … Continue reading

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When celebrating identities is more important than story

Am I the only one that is noticing that the entertainment industry these days is more about celebrating identity instead of talent when it comes to actors. And I have also noticed that when talking about the changes to the … Continue reading

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Wearing horse blinders and avoiding reality…

Whenever the media and feminists bleat about how a new movie or TV series with a female lead in it. I remember all the amazing 80′,90’s and current day movies and TV shows that had female leads that I have … Continue reading

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