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Frank Cho continues to poke fun at the SJW crowd

You just got to love Frank Cho!  He has done a bunch of similar covers for comic book characters, this would the first one he did for a video game character. And in the process completely pissing off those Social Justice Warriors, … Continue reading

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The “pink haired brigade” loses their shit at Milo and Frank

I love how Frank Cho and Milo Manara gives absolutely zero fucks on how many pink haired Social Justice warriors they piss off with their artwork. Frank Cho and Milo Manara is living prove that companies need to start to … Continue reading

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Remember Spider-Butt-Gate?

How can you forget? I ranted about it here, here and here, and I was pretty much over the entire issue till I spotted this today from a cosplayer named Ivy on Facebook what do you guys think? “The artists’ anatomy … Continue reading

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Are we over Spider-Woman’s butt now?

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Spider-Woman’s butt causes a stir

Must be a really slow news day in comic book land for something like this to hit the front pages of most of the entertainment websites on my news feed, I was greeted by dozens of news feeds reporting on Spider-Woman’s butt. Even more … Continue reading

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