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What company would pay for timed exclusives? I mean really?!

Thanks for the hypocritical sentiment Phil Spencer, I am really glad I did not have to wait a whole fucken year to play the new Tomb Raider game on my PS4. Not only was it a timed exclusive on the … Continue reading

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Microsoft’s throws after party at GDC, everyone unhappy

Really?! I mean what the actual fuck.  If you weren’t comfortable with the female dancers or the situation then leave. You aren’t a fucken tree with roots, you have the ability to remove yourself from any situation. It is really retarded that people feel … Continue reading

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Someone wrote erotic fiction about clippy from Microsoft

It was only a matter of time before someone wrote erotic fiction involving paperclip wait, what?…Someone wrote a erotic fan fiction novel titled “Conquered by Clippy” and you can buy it for $3 on Amazon. It is 4,000 page “master piece” the … Continue reading

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“Lizard Squad” bites the dust

Seems another hacker group (“The Finest”) took it upon themselves to remove “The Lizard Squad” from the internet and stop their recent hacking sprees of both Sony and Microsoft. Seems they grew tired of the antics of their fellow hackers and … Continue reading

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