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“Lizard Squad” bites the dust

Seems another hacker group (“The Finest”) took it upon themselves to remove “The Lizard Squad” from the internet and stop their recent hacking sprees of both Sony and Microsoft. Seems they grew tired of the antics of their fellow hackers and … Continue reading

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Halo: “Nightfall” Featurette

Microsoft and Xbox Entertainment have released a featurette that give us a behind the scenes first look at the upcoming Halo: Nightfall live action series. Not only does it include a behind the scenes footage, but it also features some really amazing looking CG eye … Continue reading

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A little perspective on the Microsoft purchase of Mojang

I love seeing gamers claiming that Notch has finally sold out. If Microsoft knocked on your door and threw billions of dollars in your face for a game you created, I am pretty sure these people claiming he sold out will almost certainly also … Continue reading

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How is everyone doing this fine morning?

How is everyone doing this fine morning, after it was revealed yesterday that the next Tomb Raider is going to be and exclusive to Xbox One? Thought I would just rub a bit more salt into those tender wounds of … Continue reading

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Nerd Rage engage! Tomb Raider is Xbox One Exclusive

Damn you Microsoft and Square Enix! How dare you take my beloved Lara Croft from me and make it an exclusive for the Xbox One, no more oggeling the ample cleavage and backside of my favourite female game character. No more sticky … Continue reading

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First look at the Halo live action series

There is a lot of confusion about this new miniseries. This is not the Halo TV series that Microsoft announced back in early 2013. That hasn’t entered production just yet. This is a miniseries with a limited budget that is coming bundled with the Master Chief Collection in … Continue reading

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