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Imagine being this angry over a meme?

For the love of God stop trying to make this meme racist, first, it was Pepe the Frog and now it is Ugandan Knuckles. It is really pathetic just how hard the mainstream media is trying to make this an … Continue reading

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Apparently only white people profit off memes

Is this an April fools article? Wired, aren’t you guys a bit early for an April fools joke? My eyes rolled so hard they popped right out of my fucken eye sockets when I read this article. Wired I don’t … Continue reading

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What is the Appeal of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure?

You thought this was going to be a typical blog post, BUT IT WAS ME, DIO! (props to you if you got that joke) The Jojo series is…well, bizarre really – hell, it’s even in the name. Jojo can mean … Continue reading

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The Moment Sony Won E3 2013

This is most likely the best 2 minutes of the entire E3 2013 conference and it almost brings a tear to my eye. I am not going to go into the whole Sony Versus Microsoft debate, because the whole internet … Continue reading

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