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EA CFO: Gamers don’t care about single player anymore

How out of touch is this guy? And he is the CFO of one of the biggest multi-billion dollar publishing companies in the world. Whenever any EA executive uses words like “gamers” they mean their “stockholders” that is the only … Continue reading

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No participation trophy for Mass Effect Andromeda…

Sorry, Patrick, this is what failure feels like, and you don’t get a participation trophy just because gamers criticism upset your feelings. The fact alone that you had the need to complain about it shows your insecurity in your own … Continue reading

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Passion Versus Greed

The difference in facial animations and general polish and quality between Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice and  Mass Effect Andromeda is like night and day. Pretty shocking considering the size difference between both companies and the publishers funding them. Guess which game is fueled by passion … Continue reading

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How to throw your own video game franchise under the bus

Well, that did not take Electronic Arts and Bioware long, after only 5 months after the game was released both companies dropped support for Mass Effect Andromeda quicker than a Mexican crossing the American border. Which comes as no real … Continue reading

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How the mighty have fallen…

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. From a critically acclaimed “space opera” and one of the most well known and popular SciFi games to this:   Must be really hard to be the “red headed step child” of the franchise. Facial … Continue reading

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