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Captain Marvel: Silencing Dissenting Voices

Wow, this isn’t like I predicted this was going to happen? Like clockwork, the exact same thing that happened with 2016 all-female reboot of the Ghostbusters is now happening with Captain Marvel. Anyone and everyone who has anything negative to … Continue reading

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Disney and Marvels corporate necrophilia

Ah, good old Disney and Marvel! Nothing like using a dead man’s Twitter account so you can sell and advertise your product to social media users. Just so you can make a few extra dollars off his legacy and infamy, … Continue reading

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Are people overreacting to Captain Marvels release?

Personally, I don’t think people are overreacting to the Captain Marvel movie, what I have seen though is how people are reacting towards the movie in regards to the actress Brie Larson’s comments in the media towards people and in … Continue reading

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Captain Marvel officially a cause now and not a movie

Captain Marvel has now officially become cause and not a movie now, we all know where this is headed and what the end product of this is going to be.¬†Also, be prepared for being called a Nazi incel misogynist if … Continue reading

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Black Panther nominated for best picture. What? What!

If there isn’t a more perfect example of the Oscar award show being the most irrelevant award ceremony in the entertainment industry then look no further than the fact that Black Panther has been nominated for 7 Oscars including best … Continue reading

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Social justice Hulk smash!

This is why modern-day comics are literal garbage and why sales are sinking faster than the Titanic, and then the writers and Marvel wonder why people stopped buying comics. If this was anymore cringeworthy, I would end up rolling my … Continue reading

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