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South Park: And the supposed cultural damage it has done…

Seriously fuck these people, they are so insufferable. “Culture damage done by South Park” You mean the show that makes fun of everyone? Irrespective if you are a fan of the show or not. And irrespective of where you politically … Continue reading

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Marvel keeps on digging their own graves…

Oh, look. It’s that company that used to be able to sell comics who are trying to be edgy now. Imagine printing and then releasing garbage like this so you can further alienate your fanbase so you can show em … Continue reading

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Why are people like me opposed to a queer Spider-Man?

Why are people opposed to a queer Spider-Man? Well I don’t know because he has been straight since his inception? It is not that I am opposed to a queer Spider-Man, I would similarly be against a Queer Miles Morales. … Continue reading

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Captain Marvel: Silencing Dissenting Voices

Wow, this isn’t like I predicted this was going to happen? Like clockwork, the exact same thing that happened with 2016 all-female reboot of the Ghostbusters is now happening with Captain Marvel. Anyone and everyone who has anything negative to … Continue reading

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