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The state of modern comics in a nutshell…


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West Vs East: How character introductions should be done

For the “supposed” vile sexism, lewd content in everything originating from Japan and Japan being one of the primary targets for people like Anita Sarkeesian and her cultish Social Justice Warriors due to “problematic” content. The Japanese sure as shit know how … Continue reading

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DC Comics now pandering to the wackadoodles

So for those of you who haven’t heard the news. Writer/artist Sean Gordon Murphy from DC Comics will create an original graphic novel in which Batman is the story’s villain, and the Joker is the hero. But instead of having their … Continue reading

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Marvel cancelling Black Panther & The Crew

Well, not like I saw this coming from a mile away. I mentioned this happening November last year and now it seems to be in full swing with comic books being canceled left right and center. Where are all these so-called progressive Social … Continue reading

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Marvel must fire Ardian Syaf

For those who have missed this, a Marvel artist by the name of Ardian Syaf hid Anti-Christian and Jewish messages inside of Marvels latest X-Men comic book. Ardian Syaf is free and allowed to have his own personal opinion on politics, … Continue reading

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