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Life is Strange: Before the Storm Episode 1 Review – A Hella Good Time (so far)

Ahhhh Life is Strange: you were sorely missed, my friend! I remember my first time entering Arcadia Bay like it was just the other day and now returning back to it (albeit a few years before the original game) made me … Continue reading

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When you are more excited for a Indie release than a AAA game

So two major gaming announcements happened yesterday. First, the big one which was Destiny 2’s gameplay reveal. And like clockwork, the gaming press and the gaming community as a whole started jumping aboard the hype train that is the Destiny … Continue reading

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So this happened over the weekend…

Life is Strange is my first game I managed to complete 100% and collect all the trophies since owning a PS4, which is a rather rare occurrence. As I am generally not a Achievement/Trophy whore and I do not go … Continue reading

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Life is Strange: Episode 1 [Review]

Life is Strange is the story of Max Caulfield, a 18 year old who has moved back to her former home town of Arcadia Bay, after spending five years in Seattle with her parents. The reason for this move? As it just so … Continue reading

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