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Outrage culture does not know how comics work…

The outrage culture has no breaks people! So you better get off the bus before it goes right off the side of a cliff and crashes into a ball of fire. So what has gotten the outrage bus picking up … Continue reading

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“Marvel no longer makes comics, they make publicity stunts”

“Comic book fans have noticed something with Marvel over the last couple years, and it looks like it’s actually starting to hurt sales of the monthly comics. I’m not talking about how Marvel will do yearly #1 relaunches of nearly … Continue reading

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Tony Stark passes on the mantle of Iron Man

It’s so condescending towards the fans and minorities who enjoy comic books to take an existing characters race/sex and change it magically to something else. Just create new minority superheroes of your own. There is plenty of untapped potential out there. Giving minorities white superheroes … Continue reading

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Robert Downey Jr. gives 7-year-old bionic Iron Man arm

In the video above, watch the moving moment when 7-year-old Alex walks into a room to find actor Robert Downey Jr., as his “Iron Man” alter ego, waiting for him. Downey was there to present Alex with a 3D-printed bionic arm, … Continue reading

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