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Is Old School Cool Again?

When one mentions the term “old school” you would usually think of music back in the day. You know; the Bee Gees, Phil Collins, Dire Straits and the list goes on. I know some people, such as myself, have an … Continue reading

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To troll or not to troll, is that the question?

“Hey man, I am referring this message to your post on the Guardians of the galaxy thread. I kindly ask you to respect me and my beliefs. The use of the name of Jesus Christ in such a manner is … Continue reading

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How the internet is ruining my gaming experience…

Can someone please explain to me why (some) gamers think they are entitled to free stuff and that game developers owe them? These constant fanboy wars is sucking the life and joy out of the industry I love. It is getting … Continue reading

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The strangest thing you will watch all week

Who knew that taking a quick dip in a pool, could reveal our outer beauty like the ugly duckling that grew up into a beautiful swan. Okay maybe I am milking this just a tiny bit. Also by our power combined … Continue reading

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Official Suitably Bored Youtube Channel is here

I finally got to starting a Youtube channel for my blog I will be uploading interesting odds and ends for you guys on it, so subscribe and enjoy. You will find the channel here.

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