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IGN: Forgot where they left their balls

So IGN posted this meme during the release of God of War for the PlayStation 4: If you were a gamer for any length of time and have access to the internet you would have seen memes like these floating … Continue reading

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IGN are so transparent with their clickbait now…

Just when you think video game journalism cannot get any more stupid or pedantic they go out of their way to prove you wrong. Idris Elba? Really IGN? I mean I am all for unforced racial diversity in my entertainment, but … Continue reading

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You can’t spell ignorant without IGN

And people wonder why I have such a total disdain for video game journalism. They are supposed to provide accurate information and proper reviews of the games that they play. So that gamers can make an accurate judgment when buying games based on … Continue reading

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Video game journalism desperately fighting for relevance

It seems the penny has dropped for video game journalism who also now seem to be fighting to stay relevant like their mainstream counterparts. We have already seen the mainstream media lashing out at popular YouTubers like PewDiePie and JonTron … Continue reading

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IGN changes Prey review score from 4.0 to 8.0

I literally wrote about this not two days ago then this happens. So I am guessing the penny dropped after people rightfully questioned IGN and Dan Stapleton’s review of Prey. It just goes to show you how desperate gaming websites … Continue reading

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Video Game journalism. What a joke.

So we have a situation that requires some tinfoil protection so I would recommend getting that roll of tinfoil from under your bed where you were storing it for that alien invasion that is never going to happen and fashion … Continue reading

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