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Social justice Hulk smash!

This is why modern-day comics are literal garbage and why sales are sinking faster than the Titanic, and then the writers and Marvel wonder why people stopped buying comics. If this was anymore cringeworthy, I would end up rolling my … Continue reading

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Hulk at the office

Anyone else notice the cameo by Lou Ferrigno? He was the original Hulk in the TV series back in 1977 3 years before I was actually born. He still looks pretty good for someone who is pushing 63.

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She Thor battles Zombie Hulk

Digital animator and Marvel fan Milton Pool of Miltonius Arts wondered how an epic battle between the new Thor and zombie Hulk would go down. So he let his imagination run wild and created this badass short film that took six … Continue reading

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The Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer

Not much of a trailer since we already knew that Ultron was going to be the bad guy. Other than that we get a few flashbacks from the first movie showing us how the Avengers are a fractured team and … Continue reading

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