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AAA Games Vs Indie Games: Is there really a difference?

These days AAA games don’t necessarily mean quality anymore, despite their massive budgets. But let’s think about this for a second, what is an AAA game anyway? Now if you ask any gamer out there inevitably you will get a different … Continue reading

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Horizon Zero Dawn (The making of the game)

You don’t see this too often in the video game industry these days, especially from a technical aspect. An official behind the scenes look at how Guerrilla Games pulled off the amazing visuals and open world in Horizon Zero Dawn. And … Continue reading

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Guerrilla Games: Thanks for the amazing adventure

So my journey with Horizon Zero: Dawn and Aloy is finally over, and what a game it was! Despite its flaws which include some bad voice acting and some story related pacing issues, it has to be one of the … Continue reading

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Horizon: Zero Dawn: No Mary Sue or Feminist agenda’s here

As most of my regular readers and followers would know by now, I have a very big distaste for agenda pushing and politics in the entertainment industry be it in movies or in video games. And I will be the … Continue reading

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Horizon Zero Dawn: Review (Spoiler Free)

Horizon: Zero Dawn is PlayStation 4’s newest exclusive, and new franchise from developers Guerrilla Games. Better known for the Killzone franchise. Horizon: Zero Dawn takes place in a postapocalyptic future, and without spoiling too much an unknown calamity causes human civilization to … Continue reading

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