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God of War: A tale of a boy and his father

Ever since the announcement of God of War 4 and the subsequent trailers and gameplay footage released on social media and video game message boards there where people disliking the new direction the God of War franchise was taking. The … Continue reading

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This week in stupid…

Sorry, Sargon of Akkad I am stealing your title for the weekly videos you do on your YouTube channel hope you don’t mind. I will try and make this a weekly thing on Suitably Bored, this will cover all those things … Continue reading

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The peak of video game journalism: Writing about nipples

This is the peak of video game journalism in 2018, imagine being paid to write garbage like this. Clearly, I am in the wrong line of work here, I too would like to be paid to write vapid articles on … Continue reading

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This is exactly why I cannot stand video game journalism…

These articles pretty much sum up what is currently wrong with video game journalism, and why I am so against these glorified bloggers. Their entire existence in the industry consists of two things: shilling for corporations who pay them to … Continue reading

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