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These people never learn do they?

Holy shit these people never learn, do they?  Yes, by all means, JJ Abrams take a page from Paul Feig’s playbook. Worked out great for him, didn’t it? Remember the antagonism and insults that were thrown at the Ghostbusters fan-base which … Continue reading

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Hey guys! Do you remember when…

Hey, guys! Do you remember when Ghostbusters was bombing at the box office and the media painted its financial failure on people like me who were supposedly sexist and misogynist and that we (men) didn’t want movies with female leads in … Continue reading

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Wonder Woman’s Chris Pine: “Men are not all that smart”

Remember what happened to the Ghostbusters reboot when the director and the cast started antagonizing its own fanbase? I do, and clearly Hollywood and Chris Pine haven’t learned ANYTHING from Paul Feig and company. And since you by your own admittance, … Continue reading

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Sorry Paul, but I call bullshit!

It has been awhile since we heard from Paul Feig about the terrible Ghostbusters reboot, glad to see he is still trying to pass the buck. How can I put it in simple terms you might understand. Your film sucked … Continue reading

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