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Goodbye, Gawker we won’t miss you at all

For those who never read the news or has been hiding under a rock the past year or so, Gawker the trash can gossip blog has been bought by Univision, and will shut down operations next week.  The only disappointing thing about … Continue reading

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Gawker files for bankruptcy nothing of value lost

Gawker is legally and financially in the toilet now it seems. Finally, the rest of the company is joining their ethical standards in journalism. Also in before people on the internet start howling at me defending them screaming “freedom of speech”. Publishing … Continue reading

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Gawker doesn’t have to be your audience, Gawker is over

What the Hulk Hogan trail demonstrated is the huge arrogance of these people, it was an eye opener, and I mean I knew they were bad but stupid and arrogant without limit? And watch video game journalists actually defending Gawkers actions, is … Continue reading

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Gawker is having a “good”month

I love the Harry Potter series. The books were amazingly well written. The books have had such a positive impact on pop culture today. They have great positive messages and political undertones that I believe can be used to explain many real … Continue reading

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More sterling reporting work from Gawker

And people who know what I am talking about would say: “And the sky is blue” so why act so surprised? Not surprised but rather insulted at the fact that such a shitty website such as Gawker would have the … Continue reading

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