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Gawker files for bankruptcy nothing of value lost

Gawker is legally and financially in the toilet now it seems. Finally, the rest of the company is joining their ethical standards in journalism. Also in before people on the internet start howling at me defending them screaming “freedom of speech”. Publishing … Continue reading

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Oh the fucken irony!

In keeping with the recent tech industry trend, Gawker Media has released its diversity figures, and the results are rather surprising considering they are the so called “bastion”for the Social Justice movement on the internet. Gawker Media is the biggest collection of … Continue reading

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Good job Gawker media, such a great example of equality

The image below pretty much sums up how I feel about the social justice warriors that run the media sites like Jezebel, Gawker, io9 and Kotaku. A bunch of hypocrites, only interested in pushing their own agenda’s and getting as … Continue reading

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