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Attention Polygon: I am free if you need a video game reporter

Dear Polygon, I saw your advert posted on the 30th of August 2017. I know the closing date was the 10th of September, but I think I am the perfect candidate for the job! Why you may ask? Well, I … Continue reading

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“Review Bombing” ethical or not?

 “Review Bombing” is the act in which large group of gamers gives negative user reviews for video games. This is often done in response to developers or publishers who add anti-consumer gameplay mechanics to their games. This is usually done in an attempt … Continue reading

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Shouldn’t paid loot boxes be considerd gambling?

Loot boxes have pretty much become a standard feature for almost all online games these days. For those who have been living under a rock how loot boxes work in video games is that you pay a small amount for … Continue reading

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Well fuck you Sean Vanaman and fuck you Campo Santo

Remember when I said that this will set a dangerous precedent? Well, it has now happened, Campo Santo’s Sean Vanaman has DMCA’d PewDiePie’s video of him playing Firewatch: Despite the video being more than 2 years old and not breaking … Continue reading

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Saying something in the heat of the moment while gaming

Ah yes, it is obvious that people who cannot even play video games properly would not know about things like “heat of the moment” in competitive online multiplayer games: And it is something only a Gamer can understand So I … Continue reading

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