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Touchy Subject: Mass Effect Andromeda

Touchy subject time folks! As many of my regular readers know, after the debacle that was the Mass Effect 3 ending and the day one DLC outrage. Which I wrote about here. Not to mention the terrible hamfisted pick your … Continue reading

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Gamers: don’t play with your “toys” while people are dying

Just when you think you have found the pinnacle of stupidity when it comes to video game journalism it manages to hit another low. I usually do not link to these type of articles, as I don’t want to give these … Continue reading

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Sorry Paul, but I call bullshit!

It has been awhile since we heard from Paul Feig about the terrible Ghostbusters reboot, glad to see he is still trying to pass the buck. How can I put it in simple terms you might understand. Your film sucked … Continue reading

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BBC misrepresents female e-sports players

And people wonder why I despise the general media and gaming press so much. Is when they pull such dishonest shit as misrepresenting female gamer’s and the issue of online abuse without even blinking and being totally unapologetic about it … Continue reading

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Patrick Klepek jumping the sinking ship

I can’t believe somebody so blatantly intellectually dishonest can still find work in a industry that no longer is valid to most gamer’s like myself. As far as journalistic ethics go, Klepek is just as morally dishonest and corrupt as the rest … Continue reading

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