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DC Comics is letting a Viper into their house…

This is a viper, a venomous snake found in most parts of the world: This is Zoe Quinn:

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Welcome to #GamerGate Elon Musk

Remember that article I wrote about Elon Musk making all those dishonest journalists uncomfortable with the mention of him launching a website that would rate their ethics and honest? Well seems the corrupt journalistic machine is now in full swing … Continue reading

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Feminist Frequency: Doesn’t practise what they preach

You don’t seem to get it Carolyn all of you (Feminist Frequency) has rallied and still do behind proper depictions of women in media and video games. Yet here you are making the plus size girl thin, and everyone’s features are … Continue reading

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Totalbiscuit’s death brings out all the anarchist sociopaths

Remember at the start of #Gamergate when journalists and online publications blasted all gamers as being neckbearded men living in their parent’s basement and who had racist, homophobic and misogynistic tendencies? I do, so the irony is not lost on me … Continue reading

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