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Who will stand up for gamers and video games?

I have been wondering about this ever since the Florida shooting took place. And the mass hysteria that is now being generated by the media regarding violent video games. And I think it is a rather serious question that needs … Continue reading

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ESRB adds another pointless lable: “in-game purchases”

Ah, yet another useless ESRB rating for bad parents to ignore. Not that I think adding the labels warning people of adult content is necessarily bad, but in this case, it seems about 12 years too late in my opinion. So … Continue reading

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Don’t expect anymore physical releases of indie video games

Ever wonder why your favorite indie title never gets a physical release? Well if you guessed it was due to corporate greed then you are correct. Before September 2017 it was possible to launch a physical version of an existing, digital-only game without … Continue reading

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