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DC Comics is letting a Viper into their house…

This is a viper, a venomous snake found in most parts of the world: This is Zoe Quinn:

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Marvel’s current position is entirely of their own doing…

This is in no way my own words, but they belong to a chap named Nick Rowe on Twitter. Where he posted a rather eye-opening Twitter thread on the state of Marvel comics. You can view the original posts here.   … Continue reading

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How I would fix the DC Extended Universe movies

The DCEU universe that DC and Warner Brothers have created the past few years is busy coming down around there heads, especially after the release of The Justice League movie. Here is how I would go about un-fucking what Warner … Continue reading

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The state of modern comics in a nutshell…

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West Vs East: How character introductions should be done

For the “supposed” vile sexism, lewd content in everything originating from Japan and Japan being one of the primary targets for people like Anita Sarkeesian and her cultish Social Justice Warriors due to “problematic” content. The Japanese sure as shit know how … Continue reading

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