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DC Comics now pandering to the wackadoodles

So for those of you who haven’t heard the news. Writer/artist Sean Gordon Murphy from DC Comics will create an original graphic novel in which Batman is the story’s villain, and the Joker is the hero. But instead of having their … Continue reading

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Hey guys! Do you remember when…

Hey, guys! Do you remember when Ghostbusters was bombing at the box office and the media painted its financial failure on people like me who were supposedly sexist and misogynist and that we (men) didn’t want movies with female leads in … Continue reading

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Marvel comic book sales are sinking faster than the Titanic

Well not like I saw this coming from a mile away. Marvel sales have sunk faster than the Titanic after hitting that iceberg, surprised? Not really no. As a lifelong comic book nerd and mostly a Marvel fanboy, I have completely … Continue reading

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io9: Kids dressing up as Harley Quinn is “gross”

So apparently little girls should not dress up as Harley Quinn for Holloween because it “grosses out” some people, people like Evan Narcisse writer at io9. Can I just say for.fuck.sake! Holloween is not about dressing up as your role model, … Continue reading

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Regarding the Bruce\Barbara sex scene in The Killing Joke

You want to show how “strong” a character she is and her overcoming this horrible thing that happens to her, I have no problem with that. Hell I will welcome it with open arms. But if your brilliant plan to show … Continue reading

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