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Apparently Scarlet Witch’s costume is to revealing…

If you asked me to describe Scarlet Witch’s costume in the Avengers movies, its red would have probably been my first answer. When the article mentioned her cleavage I thought “oh, she had cleavage?” I honestly never noticed her cleavage … Continue reading

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Frank Cho continues to poke fun at the SJW crowd

You just got to love Frank Cho!  He has done a bunch of similar covers for comic book characters, this would the first one he did for a video game character. And in the process completely pissing off those Social Justice Warriors, … Continue reading

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Disagreeing with a casting choice makes you a racist now

My reason for disliking the casting choice of Mary Jane for Spider-Man: Homecoming is pretty simple: If the rumours are true, they are done for political purposes. I could give less of a shit about Mary Jane being played by Zandaya. I just want her to … Continue reading

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First images Jon Bernthal as the Punisher in Daredevil

I bet we’ll have Frank start out in Daredevil’s second season before his family is killed and he’s still a NYPD cop, and supports what Daredevil’s is doing until his family get’s killed and he slowly starts to become more and … Continue reading

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