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CNN is threatening a private citizen with blackmail

CNN employee holding the (fake) decapitated head of Donald Trump: “It is artistic free speech”. Fast forward a few weeks later and a photoshopped GIF get’s posted by Donald Trump showing him body slamming CNN: “This is inciting violence towards the media” What … Continue reading

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CNN is blaming video games for the Cleveland killer

And here we go again folks, we have literally regressed back to the late 90’s Jack Thompson era of “video games causes school shootings” thanks, CNN. Video game journalists have been repeating the mantra of video games causes sexism for … Continue reading

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CNN uses Fallout 3 in segment about Russian hacking

And no, I cannot even make this shit up because it is true. The reverse image search on Google shows the exact same image was used in the middle of 2015 for a series of articles about the North Korean hacking … Continue reading

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