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Welcome to #GamerGate Elon Musk

Remember that article I wrote about Elon Musk making all those dishonest journalists uncomfortable with the mention of him launching a website that would rate their ethics and honest? Well seems the corrupt journalistic machine is now in full swing … Continue reading

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I love the smell of hypocrisy in the mornings…

Don’t you just love the irony when hypocrites attack someone for using the “N” word during a live stream event. It was clear as day he made a mistake and he was rightly criticized for that. But people who are … Continue reading

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Video game journalists: Orlando massacre is not your soap box

Justin McElroy one of the video game journalists at Polygon posted the Tweet below in response to what was happening in Orlando when the news broke. He in the meantime has deleted it, but you can see he’s still receiving the … Continue reading

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The “Quality”of SyFy’s #Gamergate episode revealed

So for you those of you wondering about the quality of one of the episodes of SyFy’s new show called: “The Internet Ruined My Life” wonder no more as you can see a clip from the up-coming Gamergate episode. Featuring our … Continue reading

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