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My amazing experience meeting Troy Baker and Nolan North

So I am a grown ass dude almost in his 40’s so to say that I am a bit too old to act like a raging fan girl at the prospect of meeting two of the most well known voice … Continue reading

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New Facebook page for Suitably Bored

After 5 years of multiple warnings and temporary bans by Facebook, Suitably Bored was deleted without warning by Facebook without any possibility for reinstating the page. In the process losing half a million followers and 5 years of work. But … Continue reading

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Suitably Bored is now on Discord!

Suitably Bored’s Discord server is now live! And going on nicely feel free to join by following the link below. So come chat interact with other fans of the page and enjoy yourselves. I hope to grow Suitably Bored into … Continue reading

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Just a quick note on Suitably Bored’s Twitter account

Well seems I was suspended from Twitter for no good reason a week ago, I tried appealing their decision and asked Twitter what Tweet was responsible for suspending my account. And as you can imagine they haven’t been very forthcoming … Continue reading

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